Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sorry for the Delay...Happy Belated Mother's Day!

First I apologize for the delay in posts; this month has been very busy and getting time sit down and type my posts just wasn’t happening. But in between processing claims at work and lunch I did take some time to start each post so that I could have an idea started and hopefully be able to pick up from there. So far so good!

On May 9th I hosted my first party it was the Mother’s Day Brunch and everyone enjoyed the food and the atmosphere. Because I put things off and didn’t work from my schedule as planned I didn’t play the games and I didn’t have prizes like I wanted too but no one seemed to notice. First compliment I heard was are you doing this EVERY year? So obliviously they think it’s a good idea but I just need more money and more clients. I was looking at someone face book page that I know and she’s already planning weddings and doing parties with limos!!! It kind put me off for a minute cause that’s where I want to be but I doing know how long she’s been doing this. Not jealous just seeing my own potential if I just apply myself and put myself out there. Sorry I got off subject…anyway, I served White Sangria loaded with fresh fruit, Purple Lemonade, fruit cups with yogurt topping, pancake cupcakes, turkey sausage & bacon, chicken salad, banana pudding, , ham & turkey pinwheels and Purple Lemonade cupcakes. I rented one table and ten chairs from a place called Jax Rentals; I chose them because I felt the price including delivery was great ($37.17) and the location which is a couple miles from my home. I invited family and friends, including my best friend Dashina and her mother Debbie. The best compliment of the day was from my older sister of how the brunch gave her inspiration to pursue her interest and she offered her help for whatever I might need her for in the future.
I used the party planning website because they have some very helpful checklist and budget estimators. For example, I used it to help me with the planning time line and to give me an idea of what I wanted to spend. I budgeted to spend a little over $200 for the entire party including decorations, gifts and prizes. Now minus the prizes but including everything else I spent $154.75. I understand this is just a small in home event but this is what I would like to do for my customers, host a great party for an affordable price without compromising the quality. Also, my next event was planned for May 22nd but it has been postponed until my birthday August 31. I’m thinking of having a larger event because of the good response I’ve gotten from friends and word of mouth. I have 3 months to start planning and this time I’m following my schedule all the way.

Friday, April 23, 2010

About Me

My name is Ayesha born and raised in DUUUUUVVVAAAALLL County! Jacksonville, Fl. I am a single mother of a 4 year old son whom I love with all my soul and dedicate this blog and my future successes too. I can only pray that I raise him as a good and decent man that has goals and the drive to achieve them.
Currently, I work full time at a well known health insurance company and I've been employed with them for 5 years and counting. I plan to enroll back into school during the 2010-2011 terms and plan to continue pursuing my Nursing degree and also to focus on my small business technical certificate; while also earning my A.S degree in Culinary Management.

I have always enjoyed cooking, the earliest memory I have is being about 5 years old cutting up bell peppers and onions for my grandmother Rosey Lou who helped my father raise me. My grandmother nurtured my enjoyment of cooking by allowing me to help in the kitchen and in the garden. She taught me to so much about cooking and life.

I look forward to sharing my journey through single motherhood, earning a higher education and starting my own business. My initial venture will be Purple Lemonade Catering and Event Planning with dreams of becoming so much more.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


I am in the process of starting my business called Purple Lemonade Catering and Event Planning. It is a company that will coordinate social networking events for young African American women and men. Purple Lemonade will also be available for small in-home events, including baby showers, children parties and small business launch parties to assist fellow entrepreneurs with product and brand promotion. We will also specialize in meal delivery for families, elderly, singles or groups; Lunch delivery will also become available as we expand.